Aminah Nichols: Woman of the Week

-Submitted by JoAnn Wilkes

Aminah Nichols, Coordinator of the College Reach Out Program, was WKTK98.5’s Woman of the Week for her extraordinary work not only at Santa Fe but in the other projects that enrich our community. Below is an excerpt from her nomination for Woman of the Week:

Aminah is the most incredible young woman who is the Coordinator of the CROP – College Reach Out Program. But she is much more than just that. She provides spring and summer activities coordinated with UF and Santa Fe to provide educational experiences for middles school students who may be at risk. She provides warmth, counseling, direction and support. Aminah is a role model for them and for the tutors who work for her. Her family is extremely important to her and she drives to South Florida for all family events. Aminah is strong, intelligent, giving, going far beyond what is required of her. There is so much more to this amazing young woman but I wanted to ask you to celebrate her and the brightness she brings to others. Thank you.