Thirteen Former Saints Enshrined in Hall of Fame

Thirteen Former Saints Enshrined in Hall of Fame

In a ceremony over 30 years in the making, 13 former Santa Fe greats and two teams were inducted into the SF Athletics Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 24, at the Santa Fe baseball and softball complex. Many other former players, coaches and administrators were on hand to honor the inductees.

Dr. Jackson Sasser and interim Vice President of Student Affairs Lynn Sullivan opened the ceremony and Athletic Director Jim Keites introduced each Hall of Fame inductee.  Eight of the 13 individuals were present and each made a short acceptance speech.  Coach Harry Tholen spoke on behalf of the 1985 baseball team and Coach Paula Edney spoke for the 1983-84 women’s basketball team.

“It was great to see so many former SF athletes and their families and friends at the event and reconnecting with their college,” said Keites.

There were many touching moments during the event, including the acceptance speech by Danny Drost
The event was well received by everyone in attendance and Athletic Director Jim Keites expects that the Hall of Fame enshrinement will continue well into the future.on behalf of his father, the late Kenny Drost, and a moving letter sent from former men’s basketball great George Gilmore, who was unable to attend from Hawaii, read by current coach Chris Mowry.  Track and field star, military veteran and former Olympian Octavius Clark represented the only player from a defunct sport to receive the Hall of Fame honor.  Sandy Miller and Paula Edney both recalled the early days of the women’s basketball program and the rest of the inductees shared stories from their days as Santa Fe Saints.

“My hope is that this event will continue to flourish over the years and become an important event that the college and community will rally behind,” remarked Keites.


Complete list of the SF Athletics Hall of Fame inductees:

Matt Armstrong – Baseball – 2001-2002
Octavius Clark – Track and Field – 1982-1985
Trisha Davis -Fastpitch Softball – 1996-1998
Coach/Athletic Director Kenny Drost – Men’s Basketball – 1979-2000
Coach Paula Edney – Women’s Basketball – 1981-1991
Rachael Foster – Fastpitch Softball – 2004-2006
George Gilmore – Men’s Basketball – 1988-1990
Laura Johnson – Women’s Basketball – 1980-1982
Marshall McDougall – Baseball – 1997-1998
Coach/Administrator Sandy Miller – Women’s Basketball – 1971-1998
Stacie Pestrak – Fastpitch Softball – 2002-2004
Coach Harry Tholen – Baseball – 1982-1985, 1989-2006
Hank Woodman – Baseball – 1995-1996
1983-84 Women’s Basketball team
1985 Baseball team