Fire Alarm Upgrades

In order to help keep our buildings as safe as possible, the college is updating its fire alarm systems.  Over the next few weeks, buildings A, B, F, I, J, K and L will have their current fire alarm systems replaced. Installing conduit for the cables and pulling the cables through the conduits will result in some noise, although the contractors will make every effort to minimize the amount of noise they generate. The contractors will also install new alert horns and strobe lights into the ceilings. These installations are relatively quiet in nature.  However, installation of the new pull stations, wall-mounted devices, conduit mounting brackets, and the new fire alarm panel will require drilling. The drilling will be into wood or metal and will, unfortunately, generate some noise.  However, the contractors we are using frequently work in occupied spaces and respect the quiet atmosphere that is crucial for office and classroom spaces. They will do all they can to keep the noise to a minimum.

The actual testing of the fire alarm systems will be conducted early in the morning before people arrive on campus.

Thank you for your understanding during these important upgrades!