Call for College Senate Agenda Items

-A message from David Price

The next College Senate Executive Council meeting is Tuesday, April 24. I would like to send out the agenda by 9 a.m. Friday morning. Please send me requests for agenda items by that time and attach any supporting documents so that I can email them out with the agenda. The agenda will be packed with several important items of business. The 1st one that will be discussed is a proposal from a subcommittee of the Council of Presidents to revise the rules regarding continuing contract (tenure) in FL State Colleges. Your representatives have a copy & it will be posted on the active documents page of the Senate website. Please review it & give feedback to your representatives.

Another hot button item is the request by Student Government to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the College’s non-discrimination rule. The SG Resolution on this matter & links to the College Rule that they are asking to modify (& its accompanying procedure) along with the College’s Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Statement (which does specify protection on the basis of sexual orientation) are also on the Active Documents page of the Senate website. Please review & give feedback to your representatives.