Chancellor Rod Duckworth Visits Santa Fe

Santa Fe College hosted the Florida Department of Education’s new Chancellor, Rod Duckworth, yesterday. Duckworth leads the FDOE’s Division of Career and Adult Education, which oversees the state’s technical programs, among others. Duckworth is visited both the Perry Center for Emerging Technologies in Alachua and the Perry Construction Institute at the Northwest campus this morning.

“We’re delighted that Chancellor Duckworth is visiting Santa Fe College, and we look forward to sharing with him best practices developed within our programs,” said Ed Bonahue, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Bonahue added that Duckworth has a special interest in biotechnology programs because of their importance to the state’s life sciences, and medical and pharmaceutical industries. He asked to visit visit campus, Bonahue said, and the team of Billie MonroeKelly GridleyJane ParkinJulie FaltJoan Suchorski and Yvonne Amundson worked with the chancellor’s staff to plan yesterday’s activities.