Conference Espouses Benefits of Dashboard Data System

Conference Espouses Benefits of Dashboard Data System

MISATFOR Conference, April 2012

During the week of April 23, Community Colleges and Technical Center Management Information System (CCTCMIS) held a three-day data warehouse training session in Tallahassee for State Report Coordinators of 28 Florida colleges. Felecia Smith and Poorya Shidfar from Department of Institutional Research attended the training.

CCTCMIS is responsible for providing Florida’s 28 colleges with up-to-date data dictionaries, consistent policies and procedures, and accessibility to reports published using their data. CCTCMIS provides federal, state, and ad hoc reporting for district secondary career and technical education, postsecondary career and technical education, and adult general education data.

“The training was very intensive, and useful,” said Poorya Shidfar. “It allowed us to get familiar with a data table to assess and evaluate which information would be beneficial for our campus.”

After three days of training, the Management Information Systems Advisory Task Force (MISATFOR) conference took Place Thursday, April 26 and Friday, April 27, where all 28 campus representatives discussed positional changes to the college data warehouse.

During the conference, attendees shared information and discussed the benefits of having a state-wide dashboard of information available online for all the state colleges. The dashboard would allow college Institutional Research offices to easily view information on current enrollment, degree awards, facilities, human resources and more for all state colleges.

“To have so much information at your fingertips would be beneficial to the college and help us better serve students,” said Felecia Smith.

Gary Hartge, Felecia Smith, Poorya Shidfar from IR and Rebecca Rogers from facilities attended the conference.

First day opening speaker was Division of Career and Adult Education Chancellor Rod Duckworth, who visited the Santa Fe Perry center for Constructional and the Northwest campus in April. The guest speaker on the second day was Chancellor Randy Hanna, who also kicked off Santa Fe’s spring 2012 Convocation day as guest speaker.