Fallen U.S. Servicemen Honored During Memorial Day Celebration

Dr. Sasser
Gainesville Sun photo by Brad McClenny

. . . Jackson Sasser, president of Santa Fe College, talked about the toll having a soldier overseas takes on a family, and that when the family loses someone, they feel that loss every day.

“It’s a day of remembrance and reverence,” he said.

He talked about the more than 1,200 veterans who attend higher education in Gainesville, and how they provide a security blanket on college campuses, and how they get the best marks in class.

Pfc. Vincent would have been one of those soldiers, but he never got the chance. Sasser called his parents to the stage. Vincent’s mom, Betty Sue, stood with her arms folded and her eyes red, taking slow breaths. Dad stood tall and quiet.

“Memorial Day never ends for the Vincents,” Sasser said, and handed the proud parents an honorary degree from Santa Fe College for their son.

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