Study Abroad Students Will Share Their Perspectives June 11

Study Abroad Students Will Share Their Perspectives June 11

Sweden Study Abroad
The Study Abroad group in the dungeon of Örebro Slott

Dr. Naima Brown recently returned from leading a Santa Fe College Study Abroad tour to Sweden. The purpose of the tour was to explore cultural similarities and differences in Sweden and the U.S. Particular emphasis was placed on understanding values, beliefs, norms, and sanctions.

Students will present the sociological perspectives that they gained from the study abroad tour at 1 p.m. Monday, June 11  in P-260.

The study abroad group was hosted by faculty members at Tullängsskolan, a technical college in Örebro, Sweden. In addition to visiting Tullängsskolan, the SF group also visited Örebro University, the water tower of Svampen, the Wadköping open-air museum, and Örebro Slott (castle).

The group also spent time in Stockholm and went on a behind-the-scenes tour with a member of Riksdag (Swedish Parliament), visited the Swedish Royal Palace, explored Gamla Stan (The Old Town), and went to the Vasa Museum to see the famous ship that sank on its maiden voyage. The 10-day program also included a stop on the small island of Fjäderholmarna.

See more photos in Dr. Brown’s slideshow presentation of the trip.