Highlights from the 2012-13 Budget Meeting

Highlights from the 2012-13 Budget Meeting

At yesterday’s Budget Meeting at 2 p.m. in the Fine Arts Hall, Dr. Sasser noted that Santa Fe College continues its sound financial planning, and this practice along with the willingness and ingenuity of everyone in the Santa Fe family enables us to make the best use of our resources.


  • Convocation is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday, August 21 in the Fine Arts Hall.
  • Winston BradleyGlenna Brashear and Evelyn Womack are retiring form the Board of Trustees. Relpacing them on the baord are Carrie LeeLisa Prevatt and Robert Woody.

Big-picture stats

  • The State Appropriations/Student Fee Bill authorizes a  5% increase in standard tuition rate for all lower division courses. SF is allowed to increase tuition up to 8% (2011-12 maximum rate plus 5% authorized for 2012-13) but proposes a 0% increase. The cost of lower-level tuition and fees for a 30-credit hour year will remain at $2,951 for the 2012-13 school year. In comparison, the estimated Florida College System average cost is  $3,156 for 2012-13, and the estimated cost for the University of Florida is $6,166.

Employee compensation and benefits

  • In keeping with his long-term commitment to increasing salaries for SF employees, Dr. Sasser recommended to the Board a one-time $500 salary supplement (not added to base salary) to be paid in November, and a 2.0% cost of living increase (COLA) effective July 1, 2012 for 12-month employees and August 21, 2012 for 9-month employees, added to 2011-12 bsae salaries.
  • The college is continuing to pay 100 percent of employee health insurance premiums, which currently cost more than $5,800/year per person. In addition, employees will continue to receive all the other benefits they are accustomed to.

Look for more resources on the Office for Finance website.