SF Theater Student Stars in Insomniac Production

SF Theater Student Stars in Insomniac Production

From left, Sam Maynard III, Jessica Morin and Dalton Woodard rehearse a scene from “Fat Pig” at the Insomniac Theatre in Ocala last week. Photo by Bruce Ackerman, Staff photographer

So, just how insensitive are we, really?

In just the latest real-life example, a 68-year-old school bus monitor in upstate New York is tormented to tears by middle school teens, many who repeatedly call her “fat.” Other examples are legion, perhaps even as close as your own experience.

Obesity, it seems, is ripe for ridicule with no regard for human feelings.

How we deal with others not like ourselves is the crux of the newest offering from Insomniac Theatre.

The eight-scene dramedy “Fat Pig” opens Friday night for a three-week run through July 15.

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