What do Santa Fe Faculty do During the Summer?

What do Santa Fe Faculty do During the Summer?

If you are wondering what Santa Fe Faculty do in the summer, here is a photo of four of our faculty members in Cincinnati. Heidi Lannon, Jean Vincent, Hadley Hartman and Denice Guerin along with several hundred other faculty and teachers were working for College Board, reading AP Examinations. Heidi and Jean were reading AP Human Geography, Denice was reading AP Environmental Science and Hadley was reading AP Macro Economics. Hadley is seasoned expert and this was Jean’s first year.

“We ran into each other throughout the week. A couple of us were having breakfast together, and we saw Hadley rush by. We decided we should use the opportunity to take an ‘official’ Santa Fe College photograph,” said Lannon.

Advanced Placement exams are taken after a year of rigorous coursework in high school. Passing the exam allows students to gain College credit in the discipline. This year there were over 95,000 AP Human Geography exams taken, and in Florida 4 percent of high school students took the exam. The reading experience encourages faculty to stay current with their disciplines, advances in curriculum and methods. The reading also serves as an excellent professional development opportunity. Readings in other disciplines are also held in other locations, but we were fortunate to have four of our faculty representing Santa Fe College in Cincinnati this year.

 -Submitted by Heidi Lannon