Philosophy Professor Charlie Bradley Passes Away

Philosophy Professor Charlie Bradley Passes Away

-From Bill Little

Dear Colleagues,

I am sorry to inform you that Charlie Bradley passed away two days ago. I got the news this morning from Jan Sugalski, who retired a few years ago. Charlie was a friend, and I truly miss him, as I know those of you who knew him and worked with him will too. For the last three years he carried on with an inoperable tumor; he and I and Jan continued to meet for lunch periodically; and Charlie continued to run his two miles a day for a long time while coping with cancer. Charlie taught philosophy courses for Santa Fe for many years, first as an adjunct, then as a full-time professor, and once again as a truly dependable and valued adjunct. To me, he embodied the best of collegiality and the philosophical life. I’ve lost a friend. Some of you have also lost this friend or close colleague. We’ve lost a truly admirable philosophy professor. Some of our current colleagues are working on creating a new course at SF, “What is the Good Life?,” to parallel the same required course at UF. Right now, this moment, if I were asked to answer this question, I’d say: “Charlie Bradley.”

As soon as I find out what arrangements are being made I will let you know.

RIP, Charlie.