Santa Fe College Presents Healthcare Career Opportunities for African-American Men

Santa Fe College Presents Healthcare Career Opportunities for African-American Men

Santa Fe College presents a panel discussion of male African-American healthcare professionals 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, September 20 at Showers of Blessings Church, 2615 Southeast 15th St. These men will willingly share their stories of academic achievement and well-earned success in the healthcare field with anyone who attends the forum.

“We’re going to talk about barriers to African American men. We’re going to attack myths that block the African American community,” said Advisor of Health Sciences Counseling Scott Fortner. “The professionals at this forum are going to share how and why they came into success in Healthcare. They’re going to show you how they overcame the stereotypes.”

The lead speaker at the forum will be MD Internist Dr. McBride. He plans to open the forum and talk about his path and start in radiography. SF RN student Landon Moorhead will speak at the forum. Ermon Owens will share the many tales and benefits that go along with 25 years of radiography. The forum will also feature the only African American male in SF’s Dental Hygiene Program, Chance Robertson.

There will be representatives at the forum from SF’s Cardiovascular Technology, Dental, Nursing, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiography, Respiratory Care and Surgical Technology programs. All Healthcare programs are related, so anyone interested in or curious about any field in Healthcare is encouraged to attend this free, public event.

By pursuing a career in Healthcare, graduates can become immediately employable locally. There are countless job opportunities right here in Gainesville. With a national license, however, graduates can get a job nearly anywhere. Job openings are in California, New York and Illinois as much as they are right in Gainesville. Anyone can make a contribution to the community by deciding to pursue a career in Healthcare.

Fortner shared, “Philosophically, people come into Healthcare because they want to help other people. They’re saving lives by becoming nurses, diagnostic professionals, radiologists, and more. These are all very employable careers with really robust salaries that lead to well defined paths by advancement.”

This is the third forum of its kind put on by Santa Fe College, each help in a different part of Gainesville to help spread the word.

“While Santa Fe wants to identify a target group, we also want to reach different sections of the community,” said Fortner. “Anybody can attend the forum, even if they’re from the past forums. Healthcare careers are available, viable and lead students to productive and successful professional lives.”

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