Animal Enrichment Day at the Zoo!

Animal Enrichment Day at the Zoo!

A Galapagos trotoise in grass

How long does it take a Galapagos tortoise to eat a melon? Can a capuchin monkey open a cardboard box? Find out on Saturday,October 13, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo’s Animal Enrichment day!

During Animal Enrichment Day, come visit the zoo and find out how we use animal enrichment, talk to zookeepers and make enrichments for your pets at home.

Enjoy a unique opportunity not only talk to the Teaching Zoo’s Zookeepers but chat with our special guests: Animal care staff from Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Thanks to our friends at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for supporting Animal Enrichment day at the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo!