WIndow Glazing Project on Building S Continues for Eight Weeks

Please be advised that the Facilities Planning team will be starting a window glazing project for all floors in Building S beginning on Monday, Oct. 8. Scherer Construction will be the project  contractor.

They will begin setting up the swing stage on the roof that will drop down the west side of the building on Monday, Oct. 8, but will begin work on Wednesday, Oct. 10, on both sides of the building. The project will last approximately eight weeks.

The work will consist of removing the aluminum beauty cap on the outside of the window that holds the glass in place, which may be a loud procedure. Next, new fasteners will be added to better hold the window in place. This will be followed by reinstalling and caulking around the edges to seal out moisture. If you are located on the east side of the building, there will be a high lift outside your window.  Since there will be a one-year warranty on the work, please be on the lookout for any moisture that may penetrate the new seal after the project is complete.

For more information, contact Kenneth Plumley at 352-381-7070.