College-wide Meeting on Nov. 7 to Discuss Upcoming Aspen Visit

College-wide Meeting on Nov. 7 to Discuss Upcoming Aspen Visit

Santa Fe family,

There will be a college-wide meeting 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 7, in the Fine Arts Hall to prepare for a visit of great importance.

A team from the Aspen Institute will be on our campus all day November 13 and 14.  As you recall, we are one of 10 colleges in the nation in contention for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. A team from the Aspen Institute is visiting the campuses of the ten finalists to gather additional information before announcing a winner in March.

The Aspen team will tour our campus and meet with us in small groups. Only a few individuals from the college will be asked to meet with the team, with no more than six people at each session. Those selected by the team to attend will be notified in advance.

Everyone at our college will play a part in this historic visit regardless of whether they participate in a session or are serendipitously visited.  We can all be proud of this occasion. We have much to offer.  By proceeding as usual in performing  our day-to-day responsibilities, you will give the team an authentic and distinctive view of our dedication to student learning.

Thank you for your commitment to the college and hospitality toward each member of the visiting team.