Thanks for Your Help in Making the SACS Visit Successful

Santa Fe Family,

Our colleagues from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools just left the campus and were very supportive of our work.

If you were not able to attend the closing session this morning, there are several leaders that stepped forward to assure that the SACS team had an accurate view of our college.

They include: Dr. Lisa Armour, Ms. Cheryl Farrell, Provost Ed Bonahue, Dr. Vilma Fuentes, Dr. Clay Smith, Dr. Jodi Long, Dr. Rhonda Morris, Ms. Lela Frye and the entire Human Resources staff, Members of the SACS Committee, Members of the QEP Committee, all the Associate Vice Presidents, Vice President Ginger Gibson, Interim Vice President Naima Brown, Vice President Chuck Clemons, and Mr. Gary Hartge.

In addition every member of the Santa Fe Family should be so proud that our work has been endorsed. Congratulations and I look forward to preparing with you for the Aspen visit November 13 and 14.

– Jackson