Help Limit Commercial Activity at Santa Fe College

Over the past few weeks, Santa Fe College has seen an increase in the amount of on-campus commercial solicitation by off-campus groups.  This includes individuals passing out publications (usually flyers or leaflets) advertising businesses, or just leaving said publications on tables, benches, or on the floor or taped to walls & windows – none of which is permitted by College Rule.

College Rule 2.10 severely limits commercial activity on campus, such that the only commercial speech allowed is via postings on public access bulletin boards, via an established contractual relationship with the college, or as part of an official college function with a signed agreement.  Any other dissemination of information by a commercial entity on campus is a violation of college rule, and it takes the entire college to enforce this policy.

Santa Fe College Police may be contacted if the individual in question is on campus, and copies of flyers found on campus should be sent to Dan Rodkin, Director for Student Life (S-139) so he can follow-up with the business in question.