Winter Break Food Basket Drive Needs Your Help

Winter Break Food Basket Drive Needs Your Help

For the past several years, Santa Fe faculty and staff have generously helped the community by collecting food for the annual Winter Break Food Basket Drive sponsored by the School Board of Alachua County. This year, the School Board’s ultimate goal is 550 boxes. Last year, Santa Fe completed about 39 boxes and also had forty $5 gift cards donated on top of the completed boxes, making the college one of the top collectors of food and gift cards in Alachua County.

Click here for instructions on assembling a food basket. Many of the students who are on the reduced or free lunch program while school is in session may not have enough to eat over the winter break. Kelley Kostamo and her marvelous team from the School Board of Alachua County are hoping that Santa Fe will continue to support this important initiative of providing food for these students and their families. Once again, rather than placing the food items in laundry baskets, Kelley is requesting that we put our food into cardboard boxes, since boxes stack and are more easily moved. You can pick up the boxes at Dave Yonutas’ office after Thanksgiving.

Please bring your completed food boxes to the information desk located on the first floor of the Alan Robertson Building by the 14th of December. If you wish to contribute individual items, please drop them off at the same location.

Over the past few years, the college has overwhelmingly supported this important program, with departments and academic units working together to complete a basket or even several baskets. I hope this history of support will continue this year. For more information, contact  Dave Yonutas at 352-395-5379.