Webinar Discussed Using Open Textbooks With Flat World Knowledge Nov. 27

Webinar Discussed Using Open Textbooks With Flat World Knowledge Nov. 27

Dear Online Faculty,

Please join your colleagues for the following webinar sponsored by the Center for Instructional Design and Academic Technologies. The webinar will be held in P266 (seating is limited, so come early if you can). Following this one hour presentation, we will have a 30 minute discussion regarding the content and implications of the presentation.

Using Open Textbooks with Flat World Knowledge
2  – 3 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 27, in P266

Although publishing’s business model is changing rapidly for many reasons, the spiraling cost of textbooks has provided a big impetus for new ideas.  Sometimes students must pay more for their textbooks than for their college tuition. Competitive models are emerging, and some are having an real impact on the industry.

Flat World Knowledge is a company publishing executives created with this evolving paradigm in mind.  It’s innovative business model follows Peter Drucker’s concept for “outside-in” thinking and offers students the option for buying their books according to the delivery mode with which they are most comfortable.

·         Online version is free

·         Purchase an ebook in pdf

·         Printed in black-and-white

·         Printed with color

·         Different editions at scaled prices

·         Only need 1 chapter, he or she can buy just that chapter

Flat World Knowledge will also sell students an “all pass” which allows them to download any version of the book at any time.  Students can buy the pass at the college bookstore to take advantage student financial aid.

In this Webinar, Larry Dugan will describe how he integrates a Flat World book into an Angel course, and offer examples for available test-banks and supplements, with student reactions to the book.