Christmas “Adoptions” Were a Huge Success – Thank You to Health Sciences Staff

Thanks to the generosity of the Health Sciences staff (students and faculty in Building W), over 25 children in Children’s Home Society’s foster care programs had their Christmas wishes met. Each child was represented by an “angel tag” on the Christmas tree in W-201. Each tag had that child’s three specific wishes, and many children received more than their three. Over 100 presents were donated to meet almost all of the children’s requests. A special thanks goes to the dental faculty who “adopted” extra children and the generous family that donated two new bicycles!

Often we think of this season as a chance to receive gifts, but these wonderful people in the Health Science building made the effort to give to a group of children who are less fortunate. That is the essence of this time of the year, and I applaud the generosity and thoughtfulness of all of those “Santa’s Helpers.”

– Laura Davis, Nursing

These donated items made for a very merry Christmas! Thank you!