Electronic W-2’s Now Available

Electronic W-2’s Now Available

All employees who elect to opt-in are able to print their own W-2 for 2012.  W-2’s will be mailed on Jan. 31, to all employees who choose the mail option. Those that choose the mail option will also be able to view their W-2 in eStaff on Feb. 1.

2013 Form W-4 Information

IRS has released the 2013 Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. The form is available on the Human Resources website, as well as on eStaff. To find it on eStaff, click on

  • My Information
  • Payroll Information
  • W-4 Tax Withholding

Please check to make sure your address is current and that you are claiming the appropriate number of allowances. The IRS website provides a tax withholding calculator and information. Select “Welcome to IRS Withholding Calculator” and file a new W-4 if necessary.

Please note that if you have claimed exempt status from income tax withholding during 2012 and wish to continue your exempt status in 2013, you must complete a new W-4 or Santa Fe College will be required to withhold tax as if you were single claiming zero allowances. Your exemption for 2012 expires Monday, Feb. 18.

If you have questions regarding your W-4 information, please contact Human Resources at 352.395.5185 or, or visit the Payroll Office in F-26.