Perspectives on the Superfund Site in Gainesville Feb. 5

The Democracy Commitment at SF, in conjunction with the Sustainable Santa Fe Committee, is sponsoring a special panel discussion on the history and politics of Gainesville’s $90 million Superfund Site cleanup issue.

The discussion will take place 2 Р3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5 in the Fine Arts Hall lobby as an introduction to the new Superfund Site art exhibit which opens Friday evening in the M-147 gallery.

Retired SF professor Donna Waller, who lives in a neighborhood near the site, will lead the discussion. Panelists include John Mousa from Alachua County and Rick Hutton from GRU. Mayor Craig Lowe has also been invited to participate.

This discussion is part of the continuing series of presentations by The Democracy Commitment at SF, part of a nationwide initiative among community colleges to provide students with an education in democracy, civil discourse and civic engagement.

For more information, contact TDC@SF co-chairs Marilyn Tubb at 352-395-7373, David Price at 352-395-5834 or or Alan Beck at 352-395-5009 or