SF Paramedic Students Invited by Fla. Fire Chiefs to be Start Team

Santa Fe College paramedic students John Kalaf, Shannon Pollock and Kelli Pons were invited by the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association to be the “start team” at this year’s Fire-Rescue East ALS/BLS Team Competition, where professional teams throughout Florida, as well as various fire-rescue agencies, compete in Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) scenarios. Each team is composed of three people who must function in a pre-hospital setting.

The SF paramedic team was acknowledged during the opening ceremonies of the competition and again during the awards presentation. They are currently in their second phase of the paramedic course and are also preparing for the Bill Shearer International ALS/BLS Competition in July.

Kelli Pons
Shannon Pollock
John Kalaf