ANGEL to Canvas Transition Updates

ANGEL to Canvas Transition Updates

Dear faculty and staff,

Many of you have been asking about the college’s move to Canvas, our new Learning Management System. Academic Technologies (AT) has been very busy working behind the scenes to make the transition from ANGEL to Canvas as smooth as possible. Here’s an update on where we are in this transition process:

  • AT has received administrator training on the use of Canvas.
  • Within the next few weeks, we will begin instructor training. Please note that Canvas has a rich repository of training content that many institutions have used to supplement and enhance their face-to-face training. Links to this material are currently being assembled and will be available to faculty within the next week.
  • We will create an ANGEL shell for every class (not section) that faculty have taught in the last academic year. This shell will eventually be used to facilitate the import of ANGEL content into Canvas.
  • We will be hosting training for moving content from ANGEL to Canvas.
  • Individuals who have been selected to pilot Canvas during this spring term will be contacted. Please note that everyone who requested a Canvas shell will be provided with one, but we are restricting the number of actual pilots (Canvas shells with students) to a manageable number. This will facilitate our implementation process.
  • Canvas will be the sole platform for delivering online content beginning this summer.

Look for more detailed emails in the weeks following.

– Dave Yonutas