Granny B’s Fudge and Two Others Join CIED’s Entrepreneur Incubator

Granny B’s Fudge and Two Others Join CIED’s Entrepreneur Incubator

Santa Fe College’s Center for Innovation and Economic Development (CIED) hosts an entrepreneur incubator, which allows small businesses to grow and develop through their partnerships at the CIED. Three new businesses have recently been introduced to the incubator.

Granny B’s Fudge

Granny B’s Fudge makes fudge from scratch using a family recipe passed down through generations. Recently, after distributing the fudge locally in the Levy and Alachua county areas, they have acquired the attention of several national companies that want to take Granny B’s Fudge worldwide. Flavors include Chocolate Nut, White Chocolate, Peanut Butter, S’mores, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Cherry and Butterscotch.



No Limit Outreach Foundation

No Limit Outreach Foundation is dedicated to motivate and prepare at-risk youths to become independent in the community. Their mission is to empower youths and adults through education in vocational and various life skills. It is the goal of No Limit Outreach Foundation to evaluate, create and implement stable and sound solutions using current teaching methods in a safe environment.


Strategic Motion

Strategic Motion plans to design, program and develop a stand-alone application that will assist micro-businesses and individuals in the highly effective touch-point process of business strategy and development. They plan to launch an app that will build structure and provide the user with graphical interfaces and screens for implementation.