Fifteen Students Named to 2013 SF Hall of Fame

Fifteen Students Named to 2013 SF Hall of Fame

Since 2003, the Santa Fe College Hall of Fame has been the highest honor bestowed upon SF students. The Hall of Fame is reserved for those who have demonstrated truly superior leadership and achievement through their scholarship and extracurricular activities while members of the SF community. Through their involvement as student leaders, it is clear to all who encounter them that they are set apart from other outstanding student leaders as especially deserving of the unique honor. The Hall of Fame is limited to 1/10 of 1% of SF students in a given year.

The following students have been named to the 2013 SF Hall of Fame:

  1. Krystal Ashman
  2. Stephanie Baguidy
  3. Lisa Cariello
  4. Stephanie Dioguardi
  5. David Durkee
  6. Yaslin Gonzalez
  7. Elizabeth Hauck
  8. Michael Irvin
  9. Juoy Luzania
  10. Danny Mokowsky
  11. Christopher Praolini
  12. Pamela Rodriguez
  13. Josh Stewart
  14. Patricia Thornton
  15. Lisa Trainer

By the end of the spring semester, their pictures and bios will be posted to the Hall of Fame website, and a composite photo will be created and hung in the Center for Student Leadership & Activities.