Building X Mural Depicts Development of Life on Earth

Building X Mural Depicts Development of Life on Earth

The floor-to-ceiling column located in the lobby of Building X was artfully painted recently to represent the development of life. Artist Barbara Maness first sketched, then painted the mural of the “Geologic Column” that describes the time period of events that have occurred throughout the evolution of Earth’s history.

The painting depicts four eras of geologic time. The bottom of the column is equivalent to the formation of Earth 4.6 billion years ago and the very top represents the present. It is to scale similar to the Solar Walk planets displayed on 8th Ave. The mural includes a painting of stromatolites, a widely distributed sedimentary structure consisting of laminated carbonate or silicate rocks, produced over geologic time by the trapping, binding or precipitating of sediment by groups of microorganisms.

Money is being raised for an adjacent mural featuring the last 542 million years of life evolving on Earth.

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