Volunteer to Help At-risk Youth at Interface

Volunteer to Help At-risk Youth at Interface

CDS Family & Behavioral Health Sciences will hold a volunteer information session from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Thursday, July 18 in S-29/30. Ten-minute presentations will begin on the hour, followed by information about specific volunteer opportunities.

Interface Youth Shelters serve homeless, runaway, truant and ungovernable youth in Gainesville, Lake City and Palatka. Each shelter offers girls’ and boys’ dormitories. All meals, bedding and toiletry items are supplied. There is no charge and youths ages 10-17 are welcome to stay for a night, a few weeks or a few months as needed, until difficulties at home can be addressed or another permanent situation can be found.

The volunteer positions available are

  • youth care assistant – engage youth in learning social skills using the Boys’ Town curriculum including role-playing exercises; games and sports; tutoring; chaperoning outings
  • administration
  • outreach and safety place program aids

Volunteers must complete a five-hour training (held six times per year) and should be able to commit to serving two to four hours per week throughout the 2013-2014 academic year. The service locations are at 1400 NW 29th Road, Gainesville; 2919 Kennedy St., Palatka and 1885 SW Grandview St., Lake City. Positions listed are unpaid, but volunteers are invited to apply for paid part-time positions as they become available.

Direct contact volunteer service through the Interface Youth Shelter may be eligible for the Florida Campus Compact/College Access & Success AmeriCorp program.

For more information and to apply, visit

The Interface Youth Shelter contact is outreach coordinator Radha Sylvester (352-244-0628 x3865, The College Access & Success AmeriCorp Program contact is SF civic engagement and service specialist Kimberly Buchholz (352-381-3660,