SF EMT Program Proves to be a Good Investment

Santa Fe College has been recognized for offering an emergency medical technician (EMT) program with a significantly higher than average return on investment.
FireScience.org (Fire Science Online) has released its list of the 80 EMT Degree Programs with High ROI. Graduates from these colleges and universities who become EMTs can expect annual incomes at least three times the cost of one year of school. Santa Fe College ranks among the very best schools for return on investment with an affordable tuition of $1,840.
With the cost of college a concern for many students and their families, it’s important for students to find a school that produces successful, well-paid graduates. Therefore, it’s equally important to recognize the colleges and universities that offer EMT programs that are both high-quality and affordable.
There are over 1,100 colleges in the U.S. that offer emergency medical technician programs, with tuition ranging from exorbitant to relatively inexpensive. Of those, only schools that met very specific criteria were included on the list:
*       Colleges with average annual tuition below $10,000 only, according to IPEDS
*       Must have at least 5,000 active students enrolled
*       Must be a four-year, degree-granting institution
*       Fully-accredited schools only
*       Public and Private schools included
*       U.S. colleges only
“EMTs stand between victims and disaster, often risking their own safety to do so,” said Matt Davis, Managing Director of Fire Science Online. “They fill a dangerous but crucial role in our lives, and they deserve to be rewarded for it. We hope that this list will help future EMTs find programs that will pay off over the long-term.”
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