Canvas Clues and Cues :: Installment 6

Canvas Clues and Cues :: Installment 6

Current Issues with Canvas

Be on the lookout for the following problems and temporary solutions:


  1. Peer reviews are not possible in discussions.  Although “Peer Reviews” is an option when setting up Discussions, it’s not currently working. Until the issue is resolved, you could instead require students to respond to a specific number of their classmates’ posts.


  1. Releasing questions one at a time in quizzes is causing some timeout problems. We’ve had time-out reports from some students who are taking quizzes where the test is set to show only one question at a time. Students report that it takes a very long time to save each question, resulting in the student not being able to complete the test in the allotted amount of time.  Until this issue is resolved, you may want to uncheck the option for releasing questions one at a time.


Canvas Guide on quiz options:


  1. Students getting error message when trying to record from a webcam.  If students tell you they are trying to record using the webcam feature in the text editor and are getting a message that says “Media recording has not been set up by the administrator” they are probably using an old version of Internet Explorer (IE).   IE 10, Google Chrome, or Firefox should all work.


  1. Issues with Firefox version 23 and some links.  The latest version of Firefox is trying to protect users from potential viruses but in doing so, is causing some issues with embedded links (such as videos) in Canvas.  If your students report problems with being able to open links in your course, the easiest thing is to have them try a different browser or an earlier version of Firefox. However, if they wish to continue using FF23, all they need to do is right-click on the shield icon in the browser bar and “Disable the Protection.” 


Detailed steps can be found in the Canvas Guide on Browsers:


What’s New?

Some welcome improvements are coming to Canvas Conversations (a.k.a. email), as well as new options in grading quizzes/assessments.  Get more information in the release notes for the next version at:

For Canvas assistance, all of the following are available: