CSA on Campus, Join Today!

CSA on Campus, Join Today!

Swallowtail Farms, a local CSA ( community-supported agriculture program), will begin serving Santa Fe College every Thursday beginning on Oct. 10.

The Sustainability Committee requested this type of service in the Fall of last year in order to promote healthier eating habits on campus, support the local economy and advance our commitment to sustainability. The President’s Staff and Board of Trustees supported this request.

A CSA is essentially a membership to a farm. Interested community members (also called shareholders) pay for their vegetables and fruits up front so as to enable farmers to have access to funding during the critical months of sowing. In exchange, the CSA provides shareholders with a large bag fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables (enough to feed a household of 2-4 people) from October – June.

The cost for the fresh produce is approximately $25/week, but it is paid in one lump sum or in monthly installments before or during the early part of the harvest season.

In the future other CSAs may begin serving Santa Fe College as they do the University of Florida. For now, we are launching this program with just Swallowtail Farms. If you are interested in participating in this CSA, I invite you to enroll with Swallowtail.

Please note that only Santa Fe faculty, staff and students will be eligible to pick up their produce at Swallowtail’s Distribution point in H-building.

NOTE:  Swallowtail Farms will waive the $100 sign-up fee if you type the coupon code “EARLYBIRD” in the CSA signup form.

Click here to read more about the Swallow Tail Farm’s CSA.

Click here to sign up!

Thank you for your continued support of sustainability on campus.
Vilma E. Fuentes, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs
(352) 395-5030