Cybersecurity Program Development Grant Helps SF Expand ITE Program

Santa Fe College has been awarded grant funding from the National Science Foundation for the Cybersecurity Program Development Grant. This is a two-year grant with total funding of $200,000. The project will be led by Professor Cheryl Calhoun.

The overarching goal of the Santa Fe College Cybersecurity Program Development Project is to increase the quantity and capacity of qualified cybersecurity technicians in the workforce. The College will accomplish this through the four major objectives of the project which:

±  Expand the cybersecurity curriculum offered by the Santa Fe College (SF) Networking Services Technology program to include an 18 credit hour cybersecurity certificate and an introductory cyber awareness and cyber safety module which can be taught in all entry-level information technology courses both at the college level and at the secondary level

±  Increase the diversity of the Santa Fe College Networking Services Technology (NST) student population by significantly escalating the recruitment and retention of female students into these programs

±  Develop and strengthen career pathways from local secondary and rural vocational schools to the SF cybersecurity curriculum

±  Provide professional development opportunities for college faculty and collaborating secondary school teachers for building capacity and continued growth in cybersecurity education