VITA Volunteer Training Oct 14


10/14/13 (Monday), 5-6 p.m., S29
11/13/13 (Wednesday), 2-3 p.m., S29
VITA is an IRS program designed to offer low- and moderate-income tax payers assistance completing their annual tax returns at no cost.  VITA is a great way to build resumes, add leadership skills and  boost skill sets while serving the community.  SF College VITA program, a student-run clinic, is Volunteer Tax Preparers. Students from all academic disciplines and community members are welcome and encouraged to participate.  Training and support provided by the IRS and United Way of North Central Florida. A 12-hour required training will take place on SF campus or at UF in mid-November. Tax Clinic will operate two evenings per week on the SF College campus late January through mid-April. For more information and to learn how to serve others and gain resume-building skills and experience, contact Scott Cutshall, VITA Program @ SF Coordinator, at