Dan Rodkin Running for State AFC President-Elect

Dan Rodkin Running for State AFC President-Elect

Dan Rodkin,  Associate Vice President of Student Affairs will be one of two candidates for President-Elect at this year’s AFC Annual Convention held November 13-15 in Orlando.

His platform focuses on AFC serving its members regardless of their roles on campus and within the Florida College System.

Dan’s Personal Statement – a general overview of what he hopes to accomplish if elected – reads in part:

“Beyond how AFC serves its membership, AFC must be fiscally strong and accountable.  Under my leadership, the AFC staff and Executive Committee will achieve organizational transparency and will act with integrity. Decisions regarding the strategic direction of the Association will be made with or by the membership, such that all members may know their voices are being heard.

“No matter your role within the FCS – no matter what HAT you wear – AFC should work for you: providing resources & services as we advance the mission of our Colleges and the FCS.  I look forward to working with you, and I appreciate your support.”

Click here to read his complete statement.

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