CAST Presentation about Teaching Methods Oct. 18

On Friday, Oct. 18, there will be a CAST Meeting (Conversations About Science Teaching)—“A Five-Year Examination of Student Success in a Biology Course using Lecture, Blended, and Hybrid Methods” by Beatriz Gonzalez—in B-012 at 2 p.m.

In this presentation, Dr. Gonzalez will present her analysis of success rates (defined as percent of students earning a grade of C or higher) in a college general biology course for majors over a five-year period. The only difference among the sections taught was the teaching method employed. Three types of teaching methods were used: active lecture, blended, and hybrid. The active lecture method involved lecturing in a classroom with the use of clicker-style questions and laboratory at a different time, while the blended method was taught in the laboratory and combined the lecture and laboratory exercises. The hybrid method consisted of online lectures with weekly laboratory sessions.

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