Campus Sustainability Day – October 23 – Call To Action

Campus Sustainability Day – October 23 – Call To Action

Sustainable Santa Fe LogoYou can make a difference this Campus Sustainability Day (Wednesday, Oct. 23) by pledging to complete one or several “action items” listed on our web site. Take at look at the list now and decide which of the over 20 items you are ready to pledge to completing.

Once you have finished your action(s) on October 23, go to the Sustainable Santa Fe Facebook page and list which items you completed. PLEASE post your list of action items (by their numbers) to Facebook only on October 23.

Below is a partial list of the action items.

Some are as easy as: #1. I pledge to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the Sustainable Santa Fe Facebook page. Or, #15. I pledge to pick up at least one piece of trash or litter that is not my own.

Others require a little more effort like: #20. I pledge to use alternative transportation to campus once a week (via walking, biking, riding the bus, or carpooling) Click here for more information.

Win/Win – clean out your closets, help others, and recycle with item #10. I pledge to donate unwanted to clothes to the AFC Coat Drive or to Saints Shareware in H-130.

See the complete list here and find one (or more) that you can commit to.

Want to pledge to something that’s not on the list? Email it to the SSF WebSmith and it will be added.

Thank you for your continued support of sustainability on campus,
Vilma E. Fuentes, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs

Barbara Little-Harsh, Chair, Sustainabile Santa Fe