DTSF attends Men’s Basketball Game on Nov. 15

In a unique collaboration between the Santa Fe College Athletic and Fine Arts departments, Saints athletes and dancers are joining forces to bring lively new energy to upcoming Saints games. Approximately 60 Saints athletes recently attended Dance Theatre Santa Fe’s “New Beginnings” performance and cheered especially during the high-energy hip-hop and African dances.

In return, on Friday, Nov. 15, the dancers will attend to cheer the athletes and entertain during halftime when the Saints men’s basketball team plays Palm Beach State College. The game begins at 7 p.m. To add to the rivalry, the Palm Beach team is led by Scott McMillen, who coached the Santa Fe Saints from 2001-2003.

All Santa Fe College athletic events and student Fine Arts performances and exhibitions are free. All SF faculty, staff and students who attend just need to show their college ID card at the door of the Gymnasium.