South Sudan Comfort Kit Supply & Fundraiser

South Sudan Comfort Kit Supply & Fundraiser

South Sudan has one of the lowest female literacy – and highest teen pregnancy and mortality – rates in the world, largely because girls miss school up to a week each month during menstruation. In a country where sanitary supplies cost more than a month’s worth of corn for an entire family, purchasing them is cost prohibitive.

Local Girl Scout Troop 733 is collecting supplies to create reusable sanitary comfort kits at a community Sew-a-Thon on Saturday, Dec. 7, and is seeking donations of 100% cotton fabric (t-shirts, towels, sheets, flannel, etc.) and cash donations toward shipping costs.

What can you do to help?

* Clean out your dressers and closets and drop off unused t-shirts, towels, sheets and flannel in good condition in the S Building lobby now through Friday, Dec. 6.

* Raise and/or donate funds toward shipping costs.

* Contact Radha Selvester at (352) 316-6113 or to about other ways to support this effort.