News from the SF College Theatre Department, November 2013

News from the SF College Theatre Department, November 2013

Austin Gresham, Owen Reynolds, Liz Reynolds and Robert Fetterman, the Santa Fe College theatre crew, received a Special Recognition Award at the closing ceremony of the Florida Theatre Conference, marking the first time in the 57-year history of the conference that such an award was presented. Over 2000 people from throughout Florida attended this event that was hosted by SF College at the Northwest Campus Nov. 13-16, 2013. For the many traveling productions that were presented, Gresham served as production manager and stage manager, Owen Reynolds served as technical director, Liz Reynolds handled the lighting needs, and Fetterman managed all front house issues including setup for the college fair that included representatives of 48 visiting colleges.

Theatre Professor Terry Klenk has been elected to serve as Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Florida Theatre Conference, a statewide nonprofit organization that celebrates the diversity of Florida theatre groups, nurtures communications among those groups, advances the highest possible standards of theatre, encourages public appreciation of the art form and strengthens and supports individual theatre artists and theatrical organizations.

The Theatre Santa Fe production of “The All Night Strut!” won a highest Superior rating from the Florida College System Activities Association (FCSAA). Seven of the students involved in that production—Ashton Blenham, Jarrod Clarizio, Langston Dunbar, Darielis Galarza, Raphael Llana, Kelli McGill and Andrew Netardus—received Outstanding Performance awards from the FCSAA.

For more information, call Theatre Professor Terry Klenk at 352-395-5092 or Fine Arts Department Chairperson Alora Haynes at 352-395-5296.