2014 AFC Board Members

Please welcome our new board members: Tom Mason as President, Rebecca Rogers as Vice President, Darrius Demps as membership co-chair, and Chris Parks as historian.

Here is a complete list of your 2014 AFC Board Members and their email address.
List can also be found on the AFC web site: http://www.sfcollege.edu/afc/index.php?section=board_members





President Tom Mason tom.mason@sfcollege.edu
Vice President Rebecca Rogers rebecca.rogers@sfcollege.edu
Past President Debbie Blair debbie.blair@sfcollege.edu
Past President Debi McElroy debi.mcelroy@sfccollege.edu
Secretary Jessica VanderBiezen jessica.vanderbiezen@sfcollege.edu
Treasurer Carol Wilson carol.wilson@sfcollege.edu
Membership Co-Chair Carol Pugh carol.pugh@sfcollege.edu
Membership Co-Chair Darrius Demps darrius.demps@sfcollege.edu
Legislative Liaison Chuck Clemons chuck.clemons@sfcollege.edu
Historian Chris Parks chris.parks@sfcollege.edu
Parliamentarian David Price david.price@sfcollege.edu
Websmith Barbara Fields barbara.fields@sfcollege.edu