Keeping Santa Fe Safe during the Winter Break

Keeping Santa Fe Safe during the Winter Break

A message from the Santa Fe College Police Department

Members of the Santa Fe College Police Department will be working 24/7 during the holidays and the front desk in Building T will always be staffed. However, please take the following steps to help us in keeping you and all of our campuses safe and secure.

  • Notify police immediately regarding suspicious activity, persons, information, or conditions. Phone 395.5555 in emergency and 395.5519 for all other matters.
  • Ensure that all expensive and valuable portable items are secured with recorded serial numbers. Examples: I-pads, projectors, laptops, cameras, microscopes, charger cords etc.
  • Do not leave monies or smartphones anywhere, even in locked desk drawers.
  • Advise all employees who are not regularly scheduled to work during the break to contact the police if they are going to be on any campus during the time the college is closed.
  • Please do not leave personal vehicles on campus during the winter break.
  • Golf carts should be secured inside buildings or in the Building D compound.

Practice personal safety while here and away from SF. Be aware, secure your residences and especially your cars, and again, call police for anything suspicious. Have a great and safe holiday season.