Convocation focused on safety and innovation

Convocation focused on safety and innovation

Santa Fe College kicked off the spring 2014 term with Convocation on Friday, which was intensely focused on innovation. At this is semi-annual, school-wide meeting of faculty and staff, President Jackson Sasser discussed new initiatives and gave an update on the state of the college before students returned to campus yesterday.

The highlight of Convocation was Sasser’s practical demonstration of Google Glass throughout his presentation. Sasser spoke to the implications the emerging technology might have on higher education and his plan make the Google Glass available to SF faculty.

Additionally, Sasser stated that SF is committed to serving undocumented students in Florida, listed new opportunities with the University of Florida, our best partner, and gave an overview on the state of the college.

The state of the college:

  • Enrollment is stable and the budget is balanced.
  • SF continues to be committed to safety on campus.
  • Dr. Naima Brown was named the new Vice President of Student Affairs.
  • There are plans to expand the Kirkpatrick Institute of Public Safety.
  • SF welcomes Nick Cheronis as the volleyball coach.