Bruce Teague embodies the SF spirit

Bruce Teague embodies the SF spirit

This article is the first in a series dedicated to honoring the accomplishments of SF faculy and staff.

Over the past year, Professor Bruce Teague has continued to embody the spirit of SF. He is known as an excellent, engaging teacher in the classroom, and he works with his colleagues outside of class to share ideas and explore new technologies. Though he has been here for many years, Teague continues to review, reflect and adjust his delivery to best meet the needs of his students.

At the same time, he remains a voice of reason in the department, questioning changes to make sure they are of benefit to our students, and seeking to find balance between the old and the new to truly develop a SF approach in everything we do.

Due to this, his success and retention rates are significantly above the department average. Bruce was awarded the Provost’s Award in 2013 due to his relentless drive to be the best teacher he can be, to help all his students reach his high expectations, and to responsibly connect the department’s past and future.