Judi Darden retirement reception Friday, March 28

A Retirement Reception for Judi Darden on will be held on Friday, March 28 at 2 p.m. in U-19. Judi has worked for the College since 1977. She started in the file room in Records, has been the  receptionist in both F Building & R Building, and worked as a transcript evaluator in Admissions.

After earning her AA, she began working for what was then known as the High School Program.  Since 1989, she has been  an administrative assistant for Facilities Services.  She keeps track of  the finances, record keeping, and reporting requirements for all of  Facilities Planning & Construction’s new construction, renovation, and  remodel projects.

When she’s done keeping everything in order over in U  Building, Judi spends her time caring for her menagerie of animals (cats,dogs, and rabbits) and enjoying the company of her two daughters and grandson.