CCTL Program graduation celebration

CCTL Program graduation celebration

You are invited to celebrate the success of the first ever graduating cohort from the Certificate for Classroom Teaching & Learning (CCTL) program.

During this past semester, a diverse cohort of Santa Fe College professors from a wide variety of departments met regularly, both online and face-to-face, to learn about various teaching strategies and to discuss ways to implement these strategies in their classes. The bi-weekly workshops covered topics such as active learning, cooperative learning, and problem-based learning. Cohort members also participated online in a Canvas course designed specifically for this program. In addition to the online and face-to-face components, the cohort members were required to fulfill several elective workshops that aligned with individual interests and focused on technology in the classroom.

The faculty in this first ever CCTL Cohort have demonstrated a love of teaching and commitment to student learning, as evident at each stage of the program.

The graduation celebration will be held on Tuesday, Apr. 22 at 5:15 p.m. in P-161. The following faculty participated and will be honored at the ceremony:

  • Michael Allard
  • Kevin Bird
  • Debbie Blair
  • Joan Campbell
  • Kim Elliot
  • Arthur Grant
  • Caridad Jimenez
  • Dana Lindsey
  • Sheila Lucas
  • Alpheus Mautjana
  • Helda Montero
  • Minta Napier
  • Cheryl Pokorny
  • Cathy Swan
  • Lisa Taylor
  • Gonca Tekin
  • Ann Thebaut
  • Eugenio Zaldivar
  • Deborah Zeringue

Please contact Center for Academic Technologies Instructional Design team at for more information.