A message from your March of Dimes team captains

A message from your March of Dimes team captains

We reached our goal! I’m thrilled to announce that we raised $10,943. Right now, thousands of babies are struggling with birth defects or severe illness because they were born too soon. Thanks to you, we’re helping support research to find answers and develop preventions for premature birth so more families can avoid this terrible experience.

That’s what this was all about. You raised money, you walked and you showed just how deeply Santa Fe College cares about improving the health of our babies.

Congratulations, and of course, thank you, thank you, thank you!

A special thank you to President Jackson Sasser, Student Life employees Doug Bagby and Leanna Marcus, and Santa Fe students Breajah Leonard, Christiane Jones, and RaSheba Jones for their selfless giving of time and money to make this all possible.
Also a big thanks to the Santa Fe Student Ambassadors, SF Student Government, Jeff and the entire crew at the SF Subway, the Santa Fe bookstore, Susan Kincaid, Otania Dominguez, Jenny Lackey, and anyone else we forgot to mention. We had so much help this year, and that is the reason we made our goal of $10,000.

Golden Saints (raised or donated $1,000 or more):
President Sasser – $1,000
Christine Sulander-Smith – $1,285
Doug Bagby – $2,111
Fantastic job.

-Scott Jamison and Sharon Loschiavo
March of Dimes Team Captains