Summer internship opportunity with Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival

Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival is now scheduling interns for summer term. They need volunteers/interns with expertise and skills in the fundraising/marketing/sponsorship areas, but they have jobs for all specializations and fields of study, including:

  • event planning,
  • marketing,
  • sponsorships,
  • fundraising
  • developing relationships with UF/Santa Fe Schools and Student Groups
  • memberships,
  • updating the website,
  • developing ecommerce,
  • connecting with environmental filmmakers,
  • managing film submissions
  • creating videos and photos of Cinema Verde
  • writing articles about environmental issues and sustainable businesses,
  • developing a green jobs board,
  • selling ads for websites,
  • working as an administrative assistant

Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival is a grassroots entrepreneurial non-profit organization founded by environmental journalist and author Trish Riley. They host an annual festival in February plus monthly screening and networking nights for those interested in sustainability. The work environment is relaxed yet dedicated and provides unique opportunities for individual growth as well as the chance to help create a permanent organization working to help resolve the environmental concerns facing the world today by supporting sustainability initiatives.

For more information:
Intern or Volunteer with Cinema Verde