Health Risk Assessment rewards are now available

MY BLUE REWARDS are now available for employees enrolled in the college’s Group Health  PPO, HMO and HRA  plans who completed the 2014 Health Risk Assessment.  You may access $25 worth of merchandise or gift cards through Blue Rewards for every 100 points that have been earned. You can earn up to 580 points for completing the Health Risk Assessment screening,  PHA, being tobacco free and having healthy values ($125 of merchandise or gift cards).

To redeem points for merchandise or gift cards, log in to the Florida Blue website ( ) and go to the Earn Blue Rewards tab.  The  Blue Rewards page  will allow you to see how many points you currently have and  allow you to earn extra points.  To redeem your points  select  “redeem now.” If your points do not show up, please email with questions/problems.

Gift Card Tax Information
IRS Fringe Benefit Guide Publication 5137(1-2014) requires cash and cash equivalent fringe benefits to be reported as taxable wages.  Santa Fe College will make tax withholding adjustments for those employees who receive gift cards.  The calculation of tax on the gift cards is based on an employee’s individual taxable rates, W-4 elections, and Social Security/Medicare rates. When payroll is notified of a gift card recipient, the amount of the gift card is added to the next pay period.  This results in an increase in the employee’s taxable gross amounts shown on the pay stubs, as well as an increase in the amount of Social Security, Medicare and income tax withheld.< If you have any questions concerning taxes on your Blue Reward gift cards please contact Chris Stenftenagel, Payroll Manager at 352-395-5218 or Ramona Mount, Payroll Support Specialist at 352-395-5927.