New and Updated Information Technology Courses

New and Updated Information Technology Courses

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CTS1120 Fundamentals of Information Security, 3 (P)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts of information security including information security standards, education, professional certifications and compliance laws.  It examines how business, government, and individuals operate in the digital world today.  Students will gain hands on practice in mitigating security threats including access controls; security operations and administration; auditing, testing and monitoring; risk response and recovery; cryptography; networks and telecommunications; and malicious code and activities.  Prerequisites: None.

CTS1131 Computer Home & Small Office Essentials, 3 (P)

This course covers basic concepts in PC management and small office networking.   Concepts covered include; basics of computer components, peripheral devices, data storage, networking, printing, mobile devices, security, system management and Windows installation.  Concepts will be taught via an online instructional system utilizing extensive computer-based simulations.  This is a blended course, which combines online instruction with an instructor facilitated lab sessions.   Prerequisites: None.

COP2000 Introduction to Programming, 3 (P)

The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to applications software design using structured programming concepts. This includes techniques for algorithm development, coding and testing. In addition to explaining concepts, the course uses programming assignments to reinforce the material in each chapter. Prerequisite: None.


Most 21st century jobs require

some level of

computer proficiency.


A.A. students can take these courses as electives
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